////ROADIE RACK| For 700C Road Bike / RX QuickTrack

ROADIE RACK| For 700C Road Bike / RX QuickTrack

For 700C Road Bike
Compact design road bike rear rack with quick attachment system for easy installation and removal. Multi-angle adjustment for perfect fit on your bike. Unique built-in RX QuickTrack™ plate allows slide and lock of Topeak bags with RX QuickTrack™ plate and release with a push button. Fits road tires up to 700 x 25c.

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TÍNH NĂNG THÊM Quick release center bolt clip / Seatstays with adhesive straps ĐIỀU CHỈNH Adjustable struts for perfect position & tire clearance
TƯƠNG LAI TÚI RX TrunkBag EX VẬT CHẤT 6061 T6 hollow aluminum / Engineering grade plastic
trọng lượng tối đa công suất 7 kg / 15 lb KÍCH THƯỚC 36.3 x 30 x 15 cm / 14.3” x 11.8” x 5.9”
CÂN NẶNG 420 g / 14.78 oz