////FREE_SX| High-tensile Steel Rails / 610 g

FREE_SX| High-tensile Steel Rails / 610 g

Tuned for sport and fitness riders, the free_SX saddle offers optimal comfort for all riding adventures. Triple density 3D Comfort system eliminates pressure and hot spots while the shock absorbing BaseFoam with gel inserts supports the sit bones. An elastomer spring suspension system soaks up all bumps for a plush feel.

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3D COMFORT Built-in triple-density structure TPE-AirFoam-BaseFoam inside Compression Free Zone to provide maximum comfort on the bike CHE Microfiber fabric and durable TPU composite cover breathes for cool comfort
BỌT Lightweight, durable, extended-temperature formula GENDER Unisex
HỆ THỐNG NHẤP CHUỘT NHANH (QCS) Mount for Topeak Wedge Packs RAIL Nylon-reinforced high-tensile steel rails
KÍCH THƯỚC 28 x 18 cm / 11” x 7.1” CÂN NẶNG (Approx) 610 g / 1.34 lb
SHELL High-impact resistant engineering grade plastic SUSPENSION Elastomer spring shock absorbing system