////FREE_RX| Tubular CrMo Rails / 400 g

FREE_RX| Tubular CrMo Rails / 400 g

The free_RX saddle is designed for cyclists who want optimal comfort and saddle support. The triple-density 3D Comfort system offers ideal pressure distribution and eliminates numbness for all-day riding enjoyment. The Zero Side Wall technology reduces chafing to keep you going.

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3D COMFORT Built-in triple-density structure TPE-AirFoam-BaseFoam inside Compression Free Zone to provide maximum comfort on the bike CHE Microfiber fabric and durable TPU composite cover breathes for cool comfort
BỌT Lightweight, durable, extended-temperature formula GENDER Unisex
HỆ THỐNG NHẤP CHUỘT NHANH (QCS) Mount for Topeak wedge packs RAIL Tubular CrMo
KÍCH THƯỚC 29 x 16 cm / 11.4” x 6.3” CÂN NẶNG (Approx) 400 g / 14.10 oz
SHELL High-impact resistant engineering grade plastic