Engineered to instantly removes stubborn grease, road grim and dirt on the chain with ease, keeping the chain clean at all times. It does not harm the rubber, plastic and other bicycle parts. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue! Water rinsing is not required!

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ỨNG DỤNG Spray directly on the chain and derailleur. Keep it to dry or clean it using a cloth to leave a squeaky clean, residue-free, dry surface.
Apply Wilita OMC2 Racing Chain Lube after cleaning the chain to protect the chain from rust and wear.
TRÁCH NHIỆM VỚI MÔI TRƯỜNG ● Low VOC formula and ozone friendly.
● Consult your local air quality regulations.
DANGER! CHỈ SỬ DỤNG THEO CHỈ DẪN. Extremely flammable liquid and vapor. Contents under pressure. May cause flash fire. Eye and skin irritant. Use only in well-ventilated area. Do not breathe the spray. Overexposure may cause respiratory tract irritation and central nervous depression. May be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed. Protect from sunlight and store at temperature below 120℉ (49℃). Do not spray on open flames or any incandescent material. Dispose properly in accordance with all national and local regulations. Cannot be made non-poisonous. LIÊN HỆ DA Flush skin with plenty of water.
GIAO TIẾP BẰNG MẮT Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention. NGÀY HẾT HẠN 5 years from manufactured.
NẾU NUỐT PHẢI Do not induce vomiting. Drink four glasses of water and seek medical attention. NGÀY HẾT HẠN Keep out of reach of children

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  • 600ml
  • CASE Q TY: 24
  • Quick acting strong permeability to easily dissolve stubborn grease, dirt, residue.
  • Highly effective formula guarantees a clean chain, avoids the use of chain cleaning equipment and eliminates time waste.
  • Safe enough to clean parts with rubber o-rings, x-rings and seals, urethane elastomer, and painted surfaces.
  • Chlorine free environmental friendly formula.