Engineered with the latest technology, Wilita Natural Citrus Degreaser is a 100% Bio-degradable formula that cuts through the toughest of carbonized grit, grease and grime.

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APPLICATION Spray directly on the chain and derailleur and wait for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off with water, or wipe with clean cloth. May be poured it into the Wilita Chain Degreaser Machine, and turn the crank for several more rotations to clean the chain. ENVRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY ● Low VOC formula and ozone friendly.
● Consult your local air quality regulations.
DANGER! USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Flammable liquid and vapor. Contents under pressure. May cause flash fire. Eye and skin irritant. Use only in well-ventilated area. Do not breathe the spray. Overexposure may cause respiratory tract irritation. May be harmful if swallowed. Protect from sunlight and store at temperature below 120℉ (49℃). Do not spray on open flames or any incandescent material. Do not puncture or incinerate even after use. Dispose properly in accordance with all national and local regulations. Can not be made non-poisonous. SKIN CONTACT Flush skin with plenty of water.
EYE CONTACT Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention. EXPIRY DATE 5 years from manufactured.
ATTENTION Keep out of reach of children

Additional product safety and health information source, please see Material Safety Date Sheet (MSDS), or contact us.


  • 500 ml
  • CASE Q TY: 24
  • Natural Bio-degradable citrus formula that breaks down deep into the chain, bearing, gear, metal parts to clean the grease and dirt.
  • It cleans the deepest grease on the bicycle parts and does not harm other parts.
  • Bio-degradable formula dissolves quickly in water and does not pollute the environment.
  • Can be used along with cleaner or a scrubber if there is heavy sludge.