/////JOEBLOW™ ACE|3 Stage / SmartHead / 260 psi

JOEBLOW™ ACE|3 Stage / SmartHead / 260 psi

JoeBlow™ Ace features an innovative three-stage design that achieves both high pressures and high volume in record time. Stage one opens both barrels for big volume to reach 60 psi with 30% less effort than standard floor pumps. Stage two uses the main barrel only for pressures up to 120 psi while stage three engages the small barrel to achieve an amazing 260 psi. Padded handles, wide, stable base and large dial gauge make inflation easy. SmartHead™ automatically adjusts to fit Presta and Schrader valves without swapping parts. Includes ball and air bladder type inflation needles.* Not recommended for use on rear shock or fork.

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HEADSmartHead™ w/ air release button & x-long hose Fits Presta / Schrader / Dunlop valvesBARRELAnodized aluminum
GAUGE260 psi / 18 bar Base mount analogHANDLEOversize padded
BASEAluminum / RubberADDED FEATURESPresta valve adapter (for 700c tubular tires) Dunlop valve adapter, Ball / bladder heads Hose dock
SIZE74 x 26 x 18.5 cm / 29.1″ x 10.2″ x 7.3″WEIGHT2.4 kg / 5.29 lb



Choose inflation with top mounted 3-stage selector

Stage 1: 0-60 psi
Stage 2: 60-120 psi
Stage 3: 120-260 psi


Hose dock helps protect hose while not in use


SmartHead™ w / built-in air release button


Ball / bladder needles & Dunlop valve adapter